A Mother’s rant at The HSC.

Dear HSC,

About my daughter.

She's just not that into you. Okay?

And neither am I.

I can't wait to break up with you.

This is the third kid of mine you've messed with.

But thankfully the last. 

We never have to go through this again.

All this stress.

I don't like the pressure you put on our young people.

The way they feel they have to do well at your stupid exams, or else they are somehow "not good enough".

If they don't do well, they think they must be "dumb".

Like they should have studied more, tried harder.

Like they are not worthwhile and their future is somehow "less bright".

I don't understand why we put all this pressure on young people at a time in their life when they have so many other important things to think about.

Like learning about who they are and where they fit in.

When friends are more important than anything, and that is completely developmentally normal and appropriate.

And sexuality is being discovered.

Do you like boys or girls, or both?

Big important things.

Much more important than you HSC.

They are navigating the adult worlds of work and relationships.

Get a job, earn money, be independent.

But study, study, study!

Keep up all your commitments though, like sports and hobbies.

You've got to have "balance".

But study, study, study. Finish those majors.

Alcohol, pubs, festivals, and driving are all legal, all of a sudden.

Woohoo!! Let's party!

Who has time for study?

But how to keep all the balls in the air?

And keep up with all your different social media platforms as well?

Want some drugs to help with that HSC stress?

Chill out, have some fun.

All of this growing up stuff at once.

And then there is you HSC.

Demanding to be number one.

Sucking up their spare time, when their adolescent brains needs to be sleeping more.

They must remember so many useless things. 

Or do badly in the HSC.

And nobody seems to want that fate worse than death.

So much useless information, that they will probably never refer to in their life again.

It must be learned, or memorised, then regurgitated in such a short period.

A generation who are used to writing on computers, must now be speed writers.

Write quickly, pen on paper, or you will never spew it all out on the page in time.

And then no mater how much you've studied, if you can't remember it or write it quickly, you're stuffed.

Well the brain doesn't work well when it's stressed!

Every one of my kids said they could have done much better in English if they could only have written quicker!

What is this? Are you serious HSC? Is it about memory and speed?

Can we not do better than this for our young people in this day and age?

Some kids get so stressed about their HSC that they develop anxiety and depression at this time of their life.

Some kids even take their own lives, because they cannot cope with it all.

Well you are not the be all and end all in our house HSC.

You do not determine the worth of my child.

You don't even really measure their intelligence well.

I value emotional intelligence more than academic intelligence anyway.

Because I know that is actually what determines a person's "success" in life, both personally and professionally. Not your HSC results.

The ability to identify and manage your own emotions, and the emotions of others. 

I care that my kids are happy, relaxed, honest people who care about others.

I want them to value themselves highly, regardless of your influence.

In fact I care more that my daughter has a good healthy breakfast routine.

And sleeps well.

And likes herself. 

And she does.

She doesn't let people put her down.

She respects herself.

She cares about people, and animals and the planet.

My work is done.

And your influence is none.

So there. Rant over.




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2 Comments on “A Mother’s rant at The HSC.

  1. So very true it’s un realistic and sets the young up to fail! Great brilliant blog. Too many kids are ‘forced’ to believe the HSC/VCE is the answer to a happy future, when it is only one of many pathways. It’s time things changed and they are valued for the right things not a bloody score that in 12 months isn’t worth shit.

  2. I agree, and don’t get me started on the the NAPLAN testing done on yes 3,5,7 and 9. I am working with 7 year old girls with diagnosed anxiety , all so we know which schools are performing? We are now looking at a new test for literacy and numeracy in yr 1, are our children going to be stressed and anxious for the shine of their schooling!

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